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Property Investments 


Hulsford Property Investments is about building a solid portfolio with a mixture of property strategies with our customers being families, Working professional and social housing direct with the council. 

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Single Lets 

We pride ourselves on providing quality properties for our customers, not for them to just live in but for them to feel they have a home. Our intention is for people to feel safe and secure staying in our properties for the long term growing as a family over the years. Our goal is to keep our properties for the long haul giving our customers peace of mind and stability.  

HMO (Housing in Multiple Occupation)

Creating properties for working professionals that like the community feel. We create functional, well thought out shared living properties that meet the needs of the individuals.

Social Housing

We are working directly with councils in London and surrounding boroughs offering emergency housing to vulnerable people. We offer our investors guaranteed income and repay the loans with interest over a 3 year period. 

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